Baking for Others

These children baked pumpkin and apple pies and then sold them, donating all of the money to the food pantry.

A Special Birthday Present

Another birthday contributor this year was Liles Ellington, who collected food donations instead of presents for his 4th birthday. Liles has a big heart and he loves to share.

A Special Birthday Present

Some children decided that instead of receiving presents for themselves, they would collect presents (namely, food) for others. Paisley Weathersbee had her guests bring food to her 2nd birthday party, and then she repeated her […]

Davis Drive Elementary Annual Food Drive

A special thank you also goes to Davis Drive Elementary School for their successful food drive. The school collected almost 5,000 pounds of food for our pantry again this year. The citizens of Fuquay-Varina, Holly […]

Piney Grove Baptist Youth Group

Church groups are a wonderful source for bringing in dry goods for our clients while experiencing the good feelings that come with helping others. Pictured below some members of Piney Grove Baptist’s Youth Group delivering […]

Wee Play’s Play Group

Stacie Borrello and her son Jackson delivered a trunk load of groceries collected by members of the play group and their families.

Neighborhood Food Drives

Caleigh Rogalski organized a food drive in her Saddle Run neighborhood in Fuquay-Varina while her friend Samantha organized a similar drive in her Holly Springs neighborhood. These enterprising young ladies (age 12) made and distributed […]

Boys Help with Yard Sale

Two of the Duplessis boys, Joey (4) and Dean (7) used their profits from their yard sale to buy food for the food pantry.

Lemonade Stand Raises Money for the Food Pantry

Four industrious sisters opened their own lemonade stand to raise money for the food pantry. Lydia, Georgia, Mary Martin and Julia Walters presented $71.73 to our pantry, money that they earned at their lemonade stand […]

Local Children Organize Drives

Cole and Cameron Burke held a food drive and a book drive in their neighborhood. They are shown here with their haul of donated food and books when they delivered them to the pantry.

Food Drives Continue to Help Us Stay In Stock

Members of our local fire department delivered a truck load of food this holiday season to support the people in our community. They have a food drive each year during the holidays and plan to […]

Special Donations for Thanksgiving

Each year we ask people in the community who can afford it to help provide a Thanksgiving meal for our clients. We ask for $20.00 donations and ask that they add a short note to […]