This year we have been privileged to have a wonderful group of volunteers who make working at the food pantry a regular part of their week. We are a fun group and enjoy what we are doing. We always welcome new volunteers and encourage participation, especially for the joy it can bring into your life, however for safety reasons, we ask that any child that wishes to volunteer be at least 15 years old or older. If you can spare the time during our operating hours, please stop in for a visit and to see where you can assist. For example, we are limited in the number of bilingual (Spanish/English) workers who can assist with some of our Spanish-speaking customers. We often can also use volunteers to assist in carrying boxes and goods to cars for some of our clients.  If you are not available to stop in, call the pantry at (919) 552-7720 and talk to De O’Brien or leave her a brief message so she can return your call.

Volunteers may also be needed during other hours when the pantry is not open.  We often need drivers to pick up food items from local merchants to be delivered to the pantry. We also have other needs, including administrative duties between pantry hours, so if you are interested in working behind the scenes, stop by or call to find out where you can help. Please do not forget that donations of food or money are regularly accepted (see our “Donate” tab). Volunteers may be needed to pick up and deliver food from food drives, or possibly you could organize and coordinate a drive of your own. Voluntary fund raisers are also a good way to raise funds and give back to your community.

Children Spread the Love:  Another way for children to help our food pantry is by organizing their own food drive.  Some have involved neighborhoods, schools, Bible study classes, scout troops, birthday celebrations and other activities to collect donations.  We have titled some of these drives “spread the love” when donations concentrate on peanut butter and jelly.  Every family with children appreciates getting peanut butter and jelly, especially during the summer months when children are home from school.  Children have also helped raise funds by selling toys or games they have outgrown, holding a car wash or by operating a lemonade stand and then donating their profits to the food pantry.

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